Tuesday, January 4, 2011

READ ME: The Stripped Project is now taking submissions!

The title says it all. . .almost. Here are some ground rules about the blog's new policy.

By sending me your photograph, you are certifying:
  1. That this is your photo and you own the rights to it.
  2. That you are giving me the rights to use this photo however I see fit.
  3. Most importantly, you are legally certifying that you are OVER 18.
Photographs should be .jpg images in the site's format: taken from the neck-down with one picture of the front, and one of the back. You can pose however you want, and with as many people as you want, as long as it's not obscene. Use common sense. I've found the best photos (the ones that are the most expressive and compelling) are usually the ones of people standing naturally, letting their body language do the talking.

Isn't this exciting? Oh goodie! Now quick, strip!

Email you submissions to Strippeddame@gmail.com


  1. hmmm, okay, so I can SEND you one instead of doing some live location shot where it might be...cold? Maybe I will do that. Haha. Good luck. Maybe I'll see ya soon and...vice versa!