Sunday, October 7, 2012

Survey Says...Day #7

Did you participate to learn something about yourself, or to show something about yourself?
  1. Both.
  2. both,i think all woman should be positive about ourselves and each other.Telling someone that feet are tiny or there eyes are beautiful etc takes almost no time at all,and the woman you said it to will be walking on air
  3. i am not afraid to strip off, i'll do it anyway, no matter how bad i look, i would love to show someone my nude body, and see if i can still make people smile with m
  4. Both! To validate myself as being nothing more or less than anyone else who contributes. It's helpful to me and hopefully others to see we are all beautiful in our own unique way. and our unique indidualality is a gift to use in our own way. for better or for worst.
  5. I wanted to participate to let people know that "normal" does not exist. We are all different and that is good and natural.
  6. I participated to show something about myself. To anyone looking at the photos, they may just see another caucasian girl's portrait. To me, with the way I'm standing, the cock of my hip, the movement of my arms, the poise of my legs...all of things reference me back to a moment where I felt completely free of any and all judgement, whether from myself or others.
  7. To learn about me and to show about me.
  8. Show something.
  9. learn
  10. Both!
  11. See how I felt seeing the words I was writing
  12. both!
  13. no. In fact, I would pose for her, but it's more like I think my photo's would need to be doctored up a bit, so don't think I would.
  14. I'm not sure.
  15. I haven't posted my photo and for some reason never will. Though I totally supportive this project! I just like this project so I come and visit.
  16. It showed I enjoyed getting naked in public way more than I thought I would. I like to think this was an outlet for my confidence.
  17. I just wanted to help the project.
  18. To show support for a fellow artist.
  19. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.
  20. I wanted to feel pretty. And I did.
  21. Basically my answer to number 6. :D
  22. I participated to show that I am brave.
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Survey Says...Day #6

Why did you choose to participate in this project? Were your reasons political or personal?

  1. Personal
  2. personal,our bodies are never political,unless we start being told waht to do or not to do with them.Grrr
  3. perhaps i could get some feedback, perhaps I'm wrong, and i am really a beautiful 53 year old man
  4. My reasons are personal and very private but involve me taking back the night this way too. Thank-you!
  5. I believe that girls and boys alike should grow up with realistic and healthy ideas about what their bodies should look like, as well as how to remain healthy (eating habits, exercise, etc.).
  6. Personal. I wanted to celebrate the way I felt about my body. It was extremely liberating and thrilling to me to see those pictures of me for everyone to see, even if they don't know who I am. And they are a good reminder to me that there was a point, and there will be another that I will feel that good about my body.
  7. Personal and political. I love your blog in that it shows people what every day people look like. We have become so highly sensitized to Hollywood bodies that we don't know what normal looks like.
  8. i came across your site through thisisawoman and though I'd put my 2 cents in.
  9. personal I thought it would be interesting. I have just found your blog and in wonder why more people cannot accept themselves as they are and accept being au natural
  10. Up until a few days ago when I seen this website, I have never seen more than 2 people who were "normal" even my mother has been telling me to go on a diet. I think I am beautiful, I know that I am beautiful. I have been trying to accept myself the way that I am, and be healthier. NO, that does NOT mean getting SKINNIER. That means eating RIGHT and loving myself. Being happy, etc. My mother has lost a significant amount of weight, and she tries to shove it on me also. Says I should eat this, because it is only 100 calories a serving. I personally do not think that eating a 100 calorie breakfast, consisting of only seeds, is healthy. You need to feed your body, you need to be happy with your body. If I could, I would show every woman, or girl out there that not everybody is perfect. People describe me as stunning, beautiful, I've been told that I am the definition of beauty. You look at my face and that is what you see - I bet, most women think that under my clothes are perfect boobs, and a clean stomach... want to know the reality? One boob slouches more than the other, they're very oblong looking in my opinion. I've got random black hairs on my chest/boobs (****like a lot of women do*****) I have two tires, one around my ribs, and one at my hips... they're very unattractive, and large. I have cellulite on my butt, my thighs, stretch marks, you name it. If a picture of my body, and face would change the way people think... I would probably do it. I would like to change the way someone thought about their body, for the good.
  11. Personal...might help writing the truth ?
  12. I chose to participate for personal reasons... just last night, I came across The Shape Of A Mother. that led me here..
  13. No, I like Gabby who has a pretty cool idea for a site. This is just an easy way to maybe give her a little bump. Safety in numbers!
  14. Personal.. I was having a particularly "bad body" day, and I wanted to do something to snap out of it.
  15. I didn't know there could be a political reason. I just like human bodies. It's natural.
  16. I just wanted to be able to say "I posed naked and looked damn good doing it!". After reading this blog, I am so happy that it's going to a good cause.
  17. I'm trying to get more comfortable with my naked body! Also, I really fell in love with the idea of the project. It's very liberating and refreshing, seeing all these pictures on the website of men and women who look NOTHING like the people you see in magazines! It really makes me feel good about myself seeing how the rest of the world looks naked, because it helps me remember that all our bodies are quirky and wonderful in their own ways
  18. Personal: as an artist myself, I have been exploring the mature male body as an object of residual power and beauty.
  19. I have always wanted to be naked on the internet, haha, but also I thought it was important to embrace myself and say "this body is fine right now"... I had made excuses for a while while secretly hoping to be in better shape at the time, but finally realized it had to be then, no matter how I felt.
  20. The political is personal when you're a woman And I wanted to feel pretty
  21. It was a challenge to myself to see if I could actually just show my body to a stranger without cringing away because I feel fat. I did it and it felt great!
  22. I participated as a mark of defiance against a world where a girl isn't allowed to feel comfortable in her own skin, where you must be perfect to be beautiful.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Survey Says...Day #5

What, if you could, would you change about your physical appearance? 
  1.  Um, my skin & its tendency to freckle, my shoulders as i feel they are too broad, my breasts as id prefer them fuller, rounder & perkier, oh, my nose because its geez probably most things :/
  2. my funny fred flinstone fee.I am a size 5 and vvveeery wide.And my stubby peapod toes.I am with someone who has my it
  3. be born again, and stay away from food
  4. at times everything,and others absolutely nothing; my faith and beliefs have saved me dozens of times.
  5. If I changed one thing, I'd probably begin focusing on another until I became obsessed. Therefore, I must chose to change nothing.
  6. My stomach and my back has extra cushion that irritates me. I notice it giggling way more than the average person. I think my cheeks are too chubby, giving me these awful dimples when I smile. And I would love to have smaller breasts, not because I don't like them, but because they are heavy and hurt my back.
  7. make my stomache flatter
  8. I would lose all excess weight.
  9. Well, I would lose about 30kg, tone my flab, clear up my skin. Nothing most women wouldn't do.
  10. none
  11. Hm, my physical appearance.. I'd take some stomach fat away, other than that I would leave everything. Boobs and all.
  12. Lose weight,less skin on tum after pregnancy,firmer chest.smoother skin.
  13. After having my baby, my stomach was left so saggy! I would like for it to tone up quicker.
  14. slight nose job
  15. My tummy- after my second child was born, I got that fat overhang thing. I'd also like to lose about 10 pounds to get closer to the weight I was before my second child.
  16. Stronger.
  17. I would have a size 34C,would raise my height by two feet, correct my feet and slim by thighs(just a bit, everyone thinks they are wonderful already). I wouldn't loose weight because if I was 5'8, 156 would be perfect (maybe too thin)
  18. In an alternate universe, I would want to have bigger boobs and less stomach fat. But in this universe, even if you gave me enough money to have those operations, I'd pass. I would definitely feel weird about changing what I have, and I don't think anyone I'm close with would approve of me making those changes.
  19. Flatter stomach, larger chest. Just like everyone else.
  20. I would like to be more muscular, and I'm working on it, by slowly bringing exercise back to my routine.
  21. Prettier face, some work on the chin and nose, permanently waxed brows, no acne, thinner, better-shaped (not larger) breasts, firmer ass, metabolism at the speed of light, and waxier ears because I love cleaning them
  22. Probably the size of my breast. I feel they get in the way sometimes of people actually see me.
  23. If I could, I would make myself taller. Less hairy. There's a myriad of things I would change, but those are the two main ones.
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