Monday, March 21, 2011

Survey says... Day #3 (Updated!)

What do other people think about your body?:
  1. I don't completely know, i brush off compliments like a nasty bug on my shoulder for the most part, i assume that if they admire it any sense then they are beautifully, kind persons, the kind that can see your features in a far moreonly a positive light. So to summarize id say they
  2. I am 5'5 115 ils,I am fit and friendly to all.I have been propositioned everywhere.Safeway,carwash,pet stores,you name,they are there.I think my nature attracts men,I am always smiling,and happy
  3. don't know, no one wants to see it. don't blame them
  4. The jury is still deliberating that question. But it seems to change with time and the effects of being a mom in a mom body.
  5. Many people think I am too thin. I was actually happiest with myself when I was about 10 lb lighter, but I have a much healthier perspective now. A previous boyfriend commented many times, "the thinner the better," and I believed him for a while until I stood back and realized that I had an unhealthily obsessive lifestyle.
  6. I like to think most people like my body. My mother spent most of my life until very recently telling me I ate too much, and was too fat, just because she was a size two at my age and is now borderline obese thanks to medication abuse and other health problems. I've only had one man look at me naked and tell me I was gorgeous, and it hit me harder than a ton of bricks.
  7. Lord only knows. I figure since my husband is a porn adict he hates my body
  8. I am sure most people think it's fat.
  9. No idea. Well, my husband doesn't seem to mind, but he's biased.
  10. I don't know
  11. They all say that they wish they were as tiny as me, I'm 5'2" and 165lbs... I'm not tiny, I just hold myself the way that I feel is "beautiful".
  12. I hide it so don't know ... partner seems to still like it
  13. My Fiancée loves me for me, as does my family... But as far as strangers, I do not ask. I would rather them not look at me.
  14. They always wonder how I stay thin. I usually tell them my secret is to eat a wide variety of foods, and don't stop moving.
  15. I really don't know. I know my husband likes it.
  16. No idea. I never ask and people never tell me.
  17. They think I'm small, with a big butt. But not deathly small. Not big either. Just right!
  18. I think most people would approve of it. My friends are really accepting of nudity, they've basically taught me that everyone has their bodily "flaws" and when you're all naked together you're all pretty equal! I think my family is okay with my body because I am not outwardly unhealthy (as in, being overweight, or another visible problem). I get looked at by guys fairly often so I think I have a desirable body.
  19. They like it.
  20. I think they think I'm too skinny sometimes, but usually healthy, just small? I don't know.
  21. That I'm thin and pretty, I'm told
  22. People usually have two opinions of it. Some absolutely love it while others absolutely hate it and call me fat. Those who do almost always love the size of my chest. I really hate it when people call me fat just because I am several sizes bigger than a skinny girl. Then again fuck them they are missing out on the coziness.
  23. I've been told I'm sexy, pretty, cute, ect. The rebound is whether or not someone is interested in me because I have big boobs.

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