Saturday, September 19, 2009

FAQs (Under Construction)

Who are you?
My name is Gabrielle Loisel. I was raised by wolves. I am currently majoring in French and Creative Writing at Agnes Scott College. I've been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I like bees, tea, leather shoes, feminism, afternoon sunlight, my cello, bathtubs, red lipstick, cupcakes, and knitting. Oh yeah, and naked people.

Is this for school?
Nope. This is my own independent project.

How do you choose your models?
I don't, really. They choose me. I take whoever volunteers.

Do you tell your models how to pose?
Nope. I let them stand however they want. I think it alows their personalities to come through.

Why aren't these photos pretty?
Aren't they?

Are these photos Photoshopped or in any way photo-manipulated?
No. I think these bodies are perfect the way they are.

Why the poor lighting/photographic quality/etc. . . ?
I'm really just not that interested in making glossy images. I think that the subjects stand alone and don't need any extra bells and whistles to enhance them. . . One day I may have a lovely studio and an expensive camera, but right now, I have Eugene and I have my dorm room.

Who's Eugene?
He's my camera. I name my electronics.

So, basically you're taking full-body mugshots?
I'm trying to represent what's in front of me, right now, with the tools I have. Things are kind of on the fly.

Where can I find your regular portfolio?
Why, it's right here!


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  1. where's the discussion? Are people just mailing you these questions? tell them to stop being shy and post comments out in the open!