Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fatshion For Everybody!

For my lovely fat lady readers, here's some links to some fab plus-sized fashion sites*:
*(I'll add more to the list as I come across them. Links originally from Refinery29.)

And here's a really awesome inspiring quote from Marilyn Wann of Fat!So? Zine:

"FAT!SO? invites YOU to be a fabulous fatso! Everybody: Size 6 to 16. Size 26 to 56. Because fat or thin, straight or gay, male or female, we have all at some point wasted our precious moments on the planet worrying about how we look. Fuck that! Just say the magic words: "Yes, I am a fatso!" With these words, you create revolution. You turn fat hatred back on itself. As a fatso, you possess the ultimate weapon against fatphobia, body prejudice, and size oppression: fat pride!"

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