Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is shallow, pathetic, and angering.

Well look at these elitist so-and-sos. They're apparently the spawn of of a message board called Get Thin or Die Trying and related to the "End Discrimination Against Thin People" group, which crows "Most (girl) members in this group are US 0-4." Cos Goodness knows it's so damned hard being deemed attractive and acceptable by society.

Some choice bits to seethe over: "This group is not just for skinny jeans, but for people who agree that fashion including skinny jeans are meant for thin, fit, and healthy people. No more of this "overweight is healthy" mentality that America has developed. It's for people against the new rule in Spain that models have to be a certain weight (NOTE: You mean the one that was made to keep anorexic models from dropping dead on the runway? That one?!).We do NOT want to see fat asses walking the catwalk in clothing meant for thin people. We see enough of that in the streets. ALL clothing looks better on people who are thin, and healthy. "

This is how that makes me feel:

So, you bet your furry ass I reported this group to Facebook for hate speech. That kind of bullshit is not acceptable. Remember kids, skinny won't keep you from being having ugly insides. Being an awesome, nice person will.


  1. that's so inside out. I've seen some sites around that promote anorexia, too. can't remember what they're called, but has a name and is some kind of "movement" or something....

  2. thinspo. that's what i was thinking of....

  3. When you reported them for hate speech, which type of hate speech did you choose?