Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Survey Says...Day #5

What, if you could, would you change about your physical appearance? 
  1.  Um, my skin & its tendency to freckle, my shoulders as i feel they are too broad, my breasts as id prefer them fuller, rounder & perkier, oh, my nose because its geez probably most things :/
  2. my funny fred flinstone fee.I am a size 5 and vvveeery wide.And my stubby peapod toes.I am with someone who has my it
  3. be born again, and stay away from food
  4. at times everything,and others absolutely nothing; my faith and beliefs have saved me dozens of times.
  5. If I changed one thing, I'd probably begin focusing on another until I became obsessed. Therefore, I must chose to change nothing.
  6. My stomach and my back has extra cushion that irritates me. I notice it giggling way more than the average person. I think my cheeks are too chubby, giving me these awful dimples when I smile. And I would love to have smaller breasts, not because I don't like them, but because they are heavy and hurt my back.
  7. make my stomache flatter
  8. I would lose all excess weight.
  9. Well, I would lose about 30kg, tone my flab, clear up my skin. Nothing most women wouldn't do.
  10. none
  11. Hm, my physical appearance.. I'd take some stomach fat away, other than that I would leave everything. Boobs and all.
  12. Lose weight,less skin on tum after pregnancy,firmer chest.smoother skin.
  13. After having my baby, my stomach was left so saggy! I would like for it to tone up quicker.
  14. slight nose job
  15. My tummy- after my second child was born, I got that fat overhang thing. I'd also like to lose about 10 pounds to get closer to the weight I was before my second child.
  16. Stronger.
  17. I would have a size 34C,would raise my height by two feet, correct my feet and slim by thighs(just a bit, everyone thinks they are wonderful already). I wouldn't loose weight because if I was 5'8, 156 would be perfect (maybe too thin)
  18. In an alternate universe, I would want to have bigger boobs and less stomach fat. But in this universe, even if you gave me enough money to have those operations, I'd pass. I would definitely feel weird about changing what I have, and I don't think anyone I'm close with would approve of me making those changes.
  19. Flatter stomach, larger chest. Just like everyone else.
  20. I would like to be more muscular, and I'm working on it, by slowly bringing exercise back to my routine.
  21. Prettier face, some work on the chin and nose, permanently waxed brows, no acne, thinner, better-shaped (not larger) breasts, firmer ass, metabolism at the speed of light, and waxier ears because I love cleaning them
  22. Probably the size of my breast. I feel they get in the way sometimes of people actually see me.
  23. If I could, I would make myself taller. Less hairy. There's a myriad of things I would change, but those are the two main ones.
Head over to the survey and answer for yourself.

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