Sunday, October 7, 2012

Survey Says...Day #7

Did you participate to learn something about yourself, or to show something about yourself?
  1. Both.
  2. both,i think all woman should be positive about ourselves and each other.Telling someone that feet are tiny or there eyes are beautiful etc takes almost no time at all,and the woman you said it to will be walking on air
  3. i am not afraid to strip off, i'll do it anyway, no matter how bad i look, i would love to show someone my nude body, and see if i can still make people smile with m
  4. Both! To validate myself as being nothing more or less than anyone else who contributes. It's helpful to me and hopefully others to see we are all beautiful in our own unique way. and our unique indidualality is a gift to use in our own way. for better or for worst.
  5. I wanted to participate to let people know that "normal" does not exist. We are all different and that is good and natural.
  6. I participated to show something about myself. To anyone looking at the photos, they may just see another caucasian girl's portrait. To me, with the way I'm standing, the cock of my hip, the movement of my arms, the poise of my legs...all of things reference me back to a moment where I felt completely free of any and all judgement, whether from myself or others.
  7. To learn about me and to show about me.
  8. Show something.
  9. learn
  10. Both!
  11. See how I felt seeing the words I was writing
  12. both!
  13. no. In fact, I would pose for her, but it's more like I think my photo's would need to be doctored up a bit, so don't think I would.
  14. I'm not sure.
  15. I haven't posted my photo and for some reason never will. Though I totally supportive this project! I just like this project so I come and visit.
  16. It showed I enjoyed getting naked in public way more than I thought I would. I like to think this was an outlet for my confidence.
  17. I just wanted to help the project.
  18. To show support for a fellow artist.
  19. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.
  20. I wanted to feel pretty. And I did.
  21. Basically my answer to number 6. :D
  22. I participated to show that I am brave.
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