Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stripped #46


  1. such a beautiful picture and model!! the lips make the picture perfect. reminds me of old black and white photos of the 20s and 30s. beautiful lips, beautiful body, beautiful breasts, beautiful back and bum! Knowing how easily women feel insecure and how much these insecurities are fed by the misogynistic procrustean media,I hope that this woman appreciates and enjoys her beauty

  2. Once the digicam was invented, once broadband at home became standard, and once people became fairly confident of internet anonymity, 10,000 years of body shame went into free fall. I would guess that, by now, hundreds of thousands of consenting adults around the world have bared all on the internet. We now have a better idea of what real people look like under their clothes than we have had at any time since stopped being hunter-gatherers. Anybody, and I mean anybody, can make softcore porn, and I suspect that many women have discovered that they enjoy it. Many include their faces. All this is a major human consequence of the ongoing IT revolution.

    Everyday women baring all make up a powerful counter against commercial erotica and the mainstream modelling business.

    Blogs such as this are evidence that Betty Dodson and Camille Paglia, and not the prim feminists of the 1970s and 80s, are winning.

    I predict that this Proud to be Naked attitude will move to indoor pools and quiet beaches within 50 years. It will be generally conceded that an adult woman past some age has the privilege of being naked in public if she wishes, especially if there are no young men around.

    A major moral problem with the world that has evolved over the past 100 years, is that indecent exposure is not used to put raunchy magazines and strip joints out of business. The adult film industry flourishes. But trying swimming naked at your neighborhood YWCA!! Try breastfeeding in a booth at your nearest Burger King! I have concluded that it is OK for a woman to bare all, if it greases the wheels of commerce. That is, if she is paid for it. God forbid that a woman let people see her boobs and pubic hair for free! I submit that the law has created an environment and a culture porn requires to be profitable. Yuk!

    The internet has challenged this perverted state of affairs in a massive way. I dream of a day when so many women have bared all for free, that no one will pay to look at a naked woman.

    It is very true that, as you reveal, some women have narrow hips and small breasts, and happily bear and raise several children. I married one such.